about us

What is Lehigh Valley Kink?

We created Lehigh Valley Kink to bring us all together within the BDSM, kink, sexual, leather, & fetish worlds.


You may be new and only experimenting, or experienced and well-versed. We are inclusive of all people. All sexual orientations, all genders, all fetishes and kinks; we are all similar in the nuances that we are different in.

We have chosen to take this journey, now let's create our tribe.


Find like-minded people; those who will expand our horizons, those that will embrace our uniqueness, and those who will celebrate as we explore.

Who is Lehigh Valley Kink?

Master Khrys

Master Khrys is a non-binary Alpha dominant who is polyamorous, bisexual, and an intuitive empath.


Khrys is a certified alt-life-coach focusing on supporting & guiding those who have chosen or are pursuing a consensual alternative adult lifestyle. Your gender identity, sexual desires, relationship orientation or profession of choice should not be to blame as many vanilla therapists would lead you to believe.

Working together to support you in your pursuit of empowerment, freedom or understanding, the journey is about you healing through trauma, tragedy or hardship to find your authentic voice.

For a deeper healing while recovering from PTSD, sexual trauma, or physical or cellular scarring, Dark Reiki healing with Master Khrys brings natural healing intention to the areas of your physical and energetic body that many may consider taboo.

Mistress Artemis is an individual educational guide for those looking to learn healthy practices with an experienced and certified trainer. She is a pansexual, polyamorous Switch who is Dominant to everyone except for her alpha, Master Khrys.


Well-versed in medical knowledge. as well as skilled in sexual lifestyle equipment usage*. She is a mommy/nanny, flogger, brat tamer, and pet trainer.


Kind, approachable and knowledgable, she is available to train you to be the Dominant, or Submissive, that you know you could become to pursue your personal journey.

*Equipment usage certification is available after training is complete.

Mistress Artemis

Princess Ray

Princess Ray is our own personal Ray of Sunshine. This princess deserves your respect and your admiration, and what a great submissive she is.


She's highly educated within the kink community and strives to spend her days guiding and teaching others that their beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. That body positivity includes all bodies. 

She shines her positivity to all those who will be open to it, but make no mistake. She's for the seasoned Dominant, because this diva is proud, educated, aware, & well-spoken. 

Princess Ray is an alpha submissive who will only kneel for those who are worthy and deserves to be treated like royalty.