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Are you looking to get those sexy stills or shots with a professional photographer? Are you aching to have some amazing shots of your kinks that aren't selfies? There are so many things you want to explore in front of the camera but who can you trust to treat you with respect while you expose your deepest fantasies?

Are you looking for new models to expand your portfolio or venture into the unknown world of BDSM and Kink? Maybe you are looking for a space to gather and create that deep soul-exposing photographic art but you don't have the skill or knowledge to play in the Dark Arts?

Beginning in 2021, Lehigh Valley Kink will be hosting a structured photo shoot with all of this in mind.

Still Life with Kink, is an invitation-only event that will occur every other month in our private business location in Bath,PA. We have at least ten different sets with a variety of textures and photo opportunities, as well as dozens of fetishes, kinks & explorations available to shoot.

Each gathering will be a mix of models and photographers. Every model, and every photographer will be assigned to a set per their inclinations noted on the registration form. Every person will end the day with four different sets, four different models, and four different photographers.

Lehigh Valley Kink will invite the experts, a team of kink focused dominants to assist you in making sure you get the shot you want within safe consensual practices. We will provide the medical professional, the rope rigger, the wax expert, the safety protocol guide and other masters of their trade.

Click on the REGISTER button below to be invited to our monthly Zoom Informational Discussion with Master Khrys. This Zoom call is a mandatory 2nd step for invitation. They will explain protocols, consent, and vetting to make sure we have a safe and glorious shoot every time.

Please note! We want all models and photographers! Body size, physical age, gender identification, sexual orientation, any and all races...everyone is invited to register! We want those who can't seem to get their foot in the door. Those who know they just need a space that is safe, consensual & for the love of creation of art.

We want the queer, the bent, the transgender woman looking for 
boudoir sexy. We want the edge players and the pain sluts. We want the Littles and the Middles. We want the edge of our society because there are more of us then there are of them!