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We are a 100% volunteer organization and hope to file for our 501c7 non-profit community papers as soon as we have the funds raised. All costs for classes go directly to costs for website, marketing & to our educators. Lehigh Valley Kink makes so profit from this community. 

If you would like to sponsor us as a business, or donate as a contributor, either publicly or anonymously, we are always looking for help with financial support for our website, classroom rent, crafting supplies and to put money down for upcoming events in public spaces. 


At least once per month, we will send out an email with updates on staff, & upcoming classes. Subscribe to receive these emails and to get registered for private events and invitations to future tutorials.


Kind of like a Newsletter. We are always looking for someone to volunteer with sending out the newsletter. If you want to apply for this job, email us at 

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We sell some limited marketing material to raise money for our expenses and for you store sport your love of our community. We have vinyl stickers for your car or laptop and some teeshirts with our logo on them as well. This will grow as we develop more fun ways to show your love!


We are always looking for educators to share their knowledge. If you have a skill that you would like to share with our community, contact us with your classroom idea! We want all the amazing talents you all have. Fetish, kinky, skills. Rope, fire, impact. Whatever your passion is - share it with us!! You will receive 80% of the ticket sales for attendance to your class, and pre-registration will be required by students. 

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Lehigh Valley Kink is run by experienced educators and they are available for you to hire for personal one-on-one support, training and counseling. 

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